2016 Ford Dodge Fuse Directions.2016 Ford Dodge Fuse Drawing Battery Conjunction Box.

2016 Ford Dodge Fuse Directions.2016 Ford Dodge Fuse Drawing Battery Conjunction Box.

2016 Ford Escape Fuse Drawing Battery Pack Connection Package

F1 – Certainly not put F2 – Not made use of F3 – Not made use of F4 – Not just utilized F5 – perhaps not employed F6 – maybe not used F7 40 Anti-lock Brake method (abdomen) module+ F8 30 Anti-lock Brake process (stomach) section F9 – Not put F10 40 Blower electric motor exchange F11 – maybe not put F12 30 PCM electrical power exchange F13 30 Starter exchange F14 25 Driver doorstep opening management turn F15 20 reliable strength aim F16 25 drivers home screen management change, traveler house opening controls change F17 20 backside passenger power store plug F18 20 run place, gaming console F19 5 Anti-lock Brake program (abdomen) module F20 15 Horn relay F21 5 braking system Pedal Position (BPP) shift F22 15 Battery spying detector F23 5 Accessory delay relay, key exchange, Blower electric motor exchange, Horn exchange, A/C clutch relay, ass screen defrost exchange F24 5 Headlamp alter F25 10 drivers doorway opening regulation alter F26 5 PCM electric power relay, Powertrain controls section (PCM), EVAP container release device (2.5L) F27 15 A/C clutch exchange F28 10 Powertrain Management section (PCM), gas push relay, gasoline Pump Management component, gas injectors F29 20 rear end opening defrost relay F30 – Not used F31 5 maybe not used F32 15 Powertrain Control component (PCM) F33 10 2.5L Evaporative Emission canister purge valve fatigue petrol Recirculation (EGR) cleaner regulator solenoid Manifold complete pressure level and heat range (MAPT) sensor varying Camshaft time (VCT) petroleum regulation solenoid Heated Oxygen devices (HO2S) 1.6L/2.0L Evaporative Emission canister purge valve EVAP container release device Variable Camshaft time (VCT) solenoid 11 Heated air detector (HO2S) changeable Camshaft time (VCT) solenoid 12 F34 10 All temps management regulators 1.6L/2.0L Outside the body operated adjustable Displacement Compressor (EVDC) Turbocharger Bypass device (TCBY) Wastegate control solenoid, Four-Wheel hard drive (4WD) management module 1.6L Coolant bypass valve, system cooled off valve F35 15 key coil-on-plugs, interference suppression capacitor F36 5 effective grille shutter F37 5 resident group process component (OCSM) F38 5 Powertrain regulation section (PCM), relaying regulation Switch (TCS) F39 5 Headlamp set-up, RH, Headlamp set up, LH Headlamp controls section (HCM) F40 5 run Steering regulation section (PSCM) F41 20 torso regulation section (BCM) – F85, F86 F42 15 Rear gap wiper electric motor F43 15 Headlamp regulation component (HCM) F44 15 daze light relay, haze lamp, ideal front, Fog light, put prominent – for Canada only F45 10 Not just utilized F46 40 windscreen wiper engine, reliable windshield wiper motor F47 – Certainly not utilized F48 5 Keyless access keyboard

2016 Ford Get Out Fuse Diagram Muscles Regulation Component

F56 20A energy pump exchange. Fuel Pump Management Module (FPCM). Power supply joint field escort girl Denton (BJB) – F28 F57 – Not utilized F58 – perhaps not used F59 5A Passive anti-theft transceiver F60 10A bag area lamp. Pleasantness bulbs, appropriate and left footwells, excel at gap controls switch, Vanity mirror lamp, suitable and left. Manor/map lighting fixtures assemblies, Overhead gaming console change assembly. Attic lamp, rear Glove box lamp F61 20A Not put F62 5A Auto-dimming inner surface mirror. Storm sensor component F63 – Not employed F64 – Certainly not employed F65 10A Lifigate latch. Liftgate/decklid release relay F66 20A Driver door unlock relay. House latch, leftover from F67 7.5A Front Control/Display user interface section (FCDIM). Worldwide Positioning Technique Module (GPSM). Accessory project user interface component (APIM) F68 15A extra exchange F69 5A means section group (IPC) F70 20A Passenger door unlock exchange, All lock relay doorway latch, right front side, entrance latch, best rear, entrance latch, left side, Door latch, suitable front, house latch, remaining from, entrance latch, right backside, entrance latch, leftover rear end F71 10A HVAC module, EMTC and DATC F72 7.5A Steering perspective Sensor Module (SASM) F73 5A reports backlink Connector (DLC) F74 15A maximum beam relay, Headlamp forum, light and remaining F75 15A Fog light relay, Fog lamp, right forward, daze lamp, led front F76 10A Reversing lamp exchange, Auto-dimming inside minor, curing light, best and lead F77 20A leading washer relay, buttocks washer relay, car windows washer water pump F78 5A Ignition switch – without IA, Start/stop alter – with IA F79 15A acoustics controls section (ACM), side regulators software section (FCIM) F80 20A roof top motion Panel Module F81 5A distant operates phone (RFR) component F82 20A forward washer relay. Back washer relay F83 20A Passenger house discover exchange, All glance exchange F84 20A motorist door discover exchange. Extra exchange F85 7.5A secure hot-water heater switches, traveler and motorist seats, In-vehicle temperature/humidity detector, Electrical booster heaters, Heated seat components F86 10A limitations regulation component (RCM) F87 – Definitely not employed F88 – Not used F89 – maybe not put

2016 Ford Escape Fuse Drawing Rear Kind Of Junction Field

F1 5 hands-free liftgate actuation section F2 10 distant purpose Actuator (RFA) section F3 5 outer home handle, kept back, Exterior home control, best backside, Exterior door manage, kept front, outside home handle, right top F4 25 motorist doorstep section (DDM) F5 25 Passenger home Module (PDM) F6 25 Door module, placed back F7 25 Door section, right rear F8 25 Seat control change, passenger side entrance F9 25 drivers Seat Module (DSM), chair regulation alter, driver part forward F10 5 drivers Seat component (DSM) F11 5 item exchange F12 – Certainly not utilized F13 – perhaps not put F14 – maybe not used F15 – maybe not employed F16 – Not utilized F17 – Certainly not utilized F18 – Not utilized F19 – Not put F20 – perhaps not utilized F21 – maybe not put F22 – perhaps not used F23 25 sound electronic transmission handling (DSP) section F24 30 lead Current/Alternating existing (DC/AC) Inverter F25 25 ass entrance baggage component (RGTM) F26 40 Trailer pull module F27 20 bags area electrical power outlet socket F28 – Definitely not utilized F29 5 looks running Module-B (IPMB), area challenge sensors Management components (SOD-L) (SOD-R), ass car help digicam F30 5 car Aid section F31 – Certainly not employed F32 5 immediate Current/Alternating existing (DC/AC) Inverter F33 – Definitely not utilized F34 20 Heated chair section, motorist half top F35 20 Heated seat module, traveler back top F36 – Definitely not made use of F37 5 rooftop opening panel component F38 – maybe not utilized F39 – Certainly not used F40 – Not just made use of F41 – Certainly not employed F42 – perhaps not utilized F43 – Certainly not used F44 – Not put F45 – maybe not used F46 – Certainly not used

2016 Ford Getaway Fuse Drawing Significant Up-to-date Fuse Container

SUPER 1 80 electric power direction controls section (PSCM) SUPER 2 150 Staler motor, engine MEGA 3 100 electric battery joint container (BJB) MEGA 4 50 Body controls Module (BCM) MEGA 5 80 Electrical Booster heaters SUPER 6 70 side Junction Box (RJB) SUPER 7 60 Accessory exchange MEGA 8 50 Engine chilling enthusiast relay MEGA 9 50 system Management section (BCM) SUPER 10 – Definitely not made use of

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