2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Promotes Awareness on National Home Warranty Day
February 10 Marks an Important Day in Home and Budget Protection

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, a market leader in new home warranty and home service plan protection, is promoting awareness of the importance of home and budget protection on National Home Warranty Day.

“It’s no surprise why National Home Warranty Day falls on 2/10 — 2-10 is the name builders, real estate agents and homeowners trust for high-quality home protection,” said Ryan O’Hara, 2-10’s CEO. “2-10 has long stood out as a trusted source for quality home protection, and we continue to focus on our mission of improving the quality of housing and the experience of homeownership.”

National Home Warranty Day was established in 2016 by National Calendar Day and 2-10. It stands as a celebration of the home and budget protection that a 2-10 home service plan strives to provide, as well as a reminder that a 2-10 home service plan is a strong tool to protect against breakdowns to systems and appliances caused by routine use and normal wear and tear — which home insurance doesn’t cover.

“National Home Warranty Day raises awareness of the benefits a home service plan offers to homeowners,” said Ray Picard, 2-10’s Chief Business Officer. “A 2-10 new home warranty and a 2-10 home service plan are both powerful risk management tools that builders and real estate agents can provide their clients, which is why 2-10 stands out for our home protection services at every stage of the homeownership life cycle, from groundbreaking to home making.”

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About 2-10 

Founded and based in Denver, the 2-10 family of companies has covered over six million homes with our complete line of warranties, system and appliance home service plans and risk management products. Since 1980, 2-10 has been a market leader in helping builders, real estate agents and homeowners protect their businesses and budgets against the unexpected. 2-10 continues to work with thousands of the nation’s finest real estate professionals, home builders and service contractors. For more information about 2-10, please visit 2-10.com.

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