“When we say that Romer is built to embrace its neighborhood, we mean it,” said Highgate CEO Arash Azarbarzin. “The inspiration for Romer came from my constant travel throughout my career. When I arrive in a new destination, whether it be for business or leisure, I want to experience that place as authentically as possible. I want to eat where the locals are eating and discover the best that the destination has to offer – rather than ending up in tourist traps. With Romer, our aim is to design, program and activate this hotel so that it not only delivers the brand promise, but serves as an extension to exploring the local neighborhood.”

At Romer Hell’s Kitchen, the essence of the neighborhood is deeply ingrained in the guest experience reflecting an unwavering commitment to the local community.

Romer Hell’s Kitchen isn’t taking a traditional approach to building its team. The “Mayor of the Block” — a key part of the hotel team – fosters personal connections and collaborations with the neighborhood. For example, Romer Hell’s Kitchen believes small businesses deserve to be celebrated more than just one Saturday a year.

Enter the Corner Store, a dedicated manifestation of the Romer Hell’s Kitchen brand. It acts as a platform for local small business owners, artisans and entrepreneurs without brick and mortar stores, for installations and full-day pop-ups. It serves as a gateway to Hell’s Kitchen and an interactive concierge for guests to get a feel for the neighborhood and leave tips for the next guest.

For example, Hell’s Kitchen-based stores Fine And Dandy and PDL Vintage are launching a seasonal, vintage residency in The Corner Store. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit their stores, located just steps away from the hotel, to receive complimentary fashion styling consultations. Ongoing activations embrace seasonality, and Romer Hell’s Kitchen is committed to partnering with local artists and musicians throughout the hotel, from Berklee School of Music alumni to musicians currently playing the pit in Broadway’s best performances.

Did we say locals are training the staff? Yes. Under the stewardship of local magazine W42ST‘s founder and publisher, Phil O’Brien, Romer staff was trained to ensure that guests are getting the real inside scoop on what there is to see and do, like the best early-morning bakeries, side street galleries, live music and more. Even more, instead of elite photographers staging and shooting the hotel’s content, Romer Hell’s Kitchen gives cameras to its neighbors and local celebrities, like a former Rockette turned bar owner, to capture and share stories about the Hell’s Kitchen they know and love.

“We created Romer Hell’s Kitchen internally from the ground up on a single premise — give everyone the ‘good neighbor experience.’ By beginning this process before design even started, we made sure that every part of the hotel had a distinctive purpose,” said Callie Peck, Creative Director of Romer Hell’s Kitchen. “Romer celebrates the thrill of the unexpected and encourages people to ditch their overly researched itineraries for more authentic New York experiences just around the corner.”

Romer Hell’s Kitchen offers larger-than-usual Manhattan guest rooms at up to 600 square feet. Designed by Islyn Studio, each guest room is inspired by the historically artistic spirit of Hell’s Kitchen, reminiscent of a bohemian dream apartment – which intricately weaves the hotel into the cultural tapestry of one of midtown Manhattan’s dynamic neighborhoods. The impression is one that mirrors an old-school quintessential NYC abode – adorned with precious art and objects collected over a lifetime with vintage-inspired furniture and classic black-and-white tiled bathrooms. 

Preserving the historic charm of architect Morris Lapidus’ 1960s building, the design incorporates custom cantilevered chandeliers, an architectural-scale custom ceiling light and modernist silhouettes complemented by locally-sourced art.

Romer Hell’s Kitchen acts as much as a social club as a hotel. Designed by local design firm, Goodrich, public spaces are intended for both local residents and guests in a series of inviting rooms that transition seamlessly from daytime to evening vibes, including a living room, library, communal tables and a fireplace. A comfortable and approachable vibe welcomes the entire neighborhood to spend the day working, meeting, and socializing, moving effortlessly from one to the other without ever having to leave.

The Neighborhood Cafe promises an authentic taste of the neighborhood with every sip and bite. Breakfast and lunch are served daily through a series of rotating residences with local bakers and regional coffee roasters.

In early 2024, Romer Hell’s Kitchen will be home to a speakeasy-inspired piano bar with live performances, carrying the neighborhood tradition with subdued lighting, elegance, sophistication and hand-crafted classic cocktails.

Romer Hell’s Kitchen is managed by Highgate, an industry-leading hotel management, investment and development firm. Highgate’s in-house Design & Construction studio, LUCID, led project management for all design partners. The hotel team is excited to benefit from Highgate’s track record as a brand innovator and collaborative partner.

Rates starting from $265. For more information, please email [email protected].

Also managed by Highgate, Romer Hell’s Kitchen joins Romer Waikiki at The Ambassador. Located at 2040 Kuhio Ave, the 368-room hotel debuts as a homebase for visitors looking to experience the island like a local. Centered around Waikiki’s creative culture, Romer Waikiki invites guests and residents to discover a genuine neighborhood experience. With views of downtown Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean, the eclectic property features an array of room types, unique programming, lively dining and entertainment at Waikiki Swim & Social Club and easy access to the island’s legendary outdoor activities.

Romer Hell’s Kitchen
851 Eighth Ave
New York, NY 10019
P: 212.581.4100
Website: Romer Hell’s Kitchen | Romer Neighborhood Hotels (
Instagram: @romerhotels

Media Contact:
The Door | [email protected]

About Highgate:
Highgate is a leading global real estate investment and hospitality management company widely recognized as an innovator in the industry. Highgate is the dominant player in major U.S. gateway cities including New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco and Honolulu, with a growing footprint in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. The hospitality forward company provides expert guidance through all stages of the property cycle, from planning and development through recapitalization or disposition. Highgate has a proven record of developing its diverse portfolio of bespoke lifestyle hotel brands, legacy brands, and independent hotels and resorts with contemporary programming and digital acumen. The company utilizes industry-leading revenue management tools that efficiently identify and predict evolving market dynamics to drive outperformance and maximize asset value. With an executive team consisting of some of the most experienced hotel management leaders, the company is a trusted partner for top ownership groups and major hotel brands. Highgate maintains corporate offices in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Waikiki, London and Lisbon.

About LUCID:
LUCID, Highgate’s Design & Construction Studio, led by Paul McElroy, brings together a growing team of the industry’s most experienced and innovative leaders to deliver design and construction concepts for a variety of distinct product types and service platforms. These include: Luxury, Lifestyle and Full Service Repositionings, featuring world-class interior and architectural designs; Highgate Select Renovation, which updates and refreshes existing properties; Highgate Select New Construction, for ground up new builds of select service hotels; and Restaurant Design which develops new and inviting F&B experiences for Highgate’s hotels.

SOURCE Romer Hell’s Kitchen

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