Atly Launches ‘Gluten-Free Eats’ Map, Offering the Most Comprehensive Map for Gluten-Free and Celiac Dining
Atly Launches ‘Gluten-Free Eats’ Map, Offering the Most Comprehensive Map for Gluten-Free and Celiac Dining

The all-new map, which features 28,000 restaurants, cafes, and more, makes the discovery of Gluten-Free eateries quicker and more reliable than ever before, with safety level rankings developed by dieticians and nutritionists, input from the celiac and gluten-free community, and direct restaurant verification

NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Atly, the user-generated social mapping platform revolutionizing location-based knowledge sharing, today introduced its new Gluten-Free Eats map, a groundbreaking tool designed to transform the food discovery experience for the growing gluten-free (GF) and celiac community across the globe. Following extensive research, the map addresses the critical challenges faced by individuals with gluten sensitivity in finding a wide range of safe and accommodating dining options with greater ease and confidence, with 28,000 GF-friendly places to eat and drink. An additional 300,000 places in the US are currently being vetted to be added to the map in the coming weeks, expanding the breadth of locations currently known to the GF community by over 10x.

Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are becoming increasingly prevalent, and yet current GF location discovery resources leave much to be desired. Both search platforms and even wholly dedicated apps are notoriously filled with outdated information, frequently offer a poor user experience, and fail to provide critical details necessary for GF dining. This not only eats up consumers’ precious time but leaves them unable to make fully informed decisions, putting them potentially at risk. After cumbersome research, many GF eaters are still scared to trust restaurants deemed safe and are also missing out on the plethora of eateries that may actually be accommodating of their personal level of gluten intolerance.

Atly’s Gluten-Free Eats map was developed as the antidote to these problems. It offers meticulously curated data that prioritizes safety, specificity, and streamlined information so users can make quick, easy, and informed dining choices relevant to their GF sensitivity standards and comfort levels.

“Atly is committed to helping people discover new places quickly and easily, which requires a deep understanding of what makes a place safe, enjoyable, and a good fit for a specific person. That depth of understanding and confidence in a restaurant couldn’t be more critical for the celiac and GF community,” said Uriel Maslansky, CEO and Co-Founder of Atly. “Gluten-Free Eats perfectly encapsulates our mission to redefine the way people find their next favorite spot, and we’re proud to be providing a resource that is not only unmatched in its comprehensiveness but also rooted in the real needs and experiences of those it serves. We are excited to continue revolutionizing location discovery for more and more people across the globe.”

Created in consultation with GF and celiac community members and experts, the Gluten-Free Eats map offers a new standard of reliable and efficient GF exploration:

  • Robust Safety Levels: Gluten-Free Eats introduces a unique classification system for restaurants with distinct safety levels developed in conjunction with dieticians and nutritionists, ranging from 100% gluten-free and celiac-friendly, to accommodating, to those that are unable to provide celiac-specific safety standards, allowing people to navigate dining options based on their relevant degree of sensitivity. This feature demystifies the ‘gray areas’ of gluten-free dining, empowering users to make choices that align with their individual health needs and opening them up to many options that may not be directly marketed as GF-friendly but are suitable for their dietary needs.
  • Restaurant Verification: Atly goes the extra mile by directly engaging with establishments to vet and verify their gluten-free practices on an ongoing basis. Information about how their food and drinks are cooked and prepared sheds light on individual dishes and menu items that are safe for GF eaters. Atly also checks how knowledgeable the restaurant staff is and thus how capable they are at addressing various needs, including avoiding cross-contamination. All this is to ensure that the map’s information is accurate and reliable.
  • Health-Centric Community Support: Recognizing the high-stakes of gluten-free dining, Atly has fostered a supportive beta community where Gluten-Free Eats map members can share recommendations and insights, report issues, and contribute to the collective knowledge base of the Gluten-Free Eats map, all while benefiting from expert and peer validation.

“I am so excited to share the Atly Gluten-Free Eats map with the gluten-free community. It is a fantastic tool for those following a gluten-free diet to locate potential restaurants and delicious food around the world,” said Jessica Lebovits, Registered Dietician, and Specialist in Gluten-Free Nutrition. “I believe this app can help expand the dining experiences of gluten-free diners by providing detailed information on accommodations offered in a user-friendly map format. Atly makes it incredibly easy for users to comment on a restaurant experience as well as for users to view how many others have recommended any specific restaurant. I hope that this map will be a game-changer for anyone navigating the gluten-free lifestyle, offering a wider array of dining options and improving overall quality of life.”

Atly’s Gluten-Free Eats map is currently available to early-bird subscribers for $6.99 per month. For more information about the map and to start exploring, click here.

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