Conduit for Spirit Doreen South to be Featured on Close Up Radio

HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 18, 2024 / — Although life brings us many joyful times, people can also experience painful events. Our internal and external world feels challenging. How can people heal the grief felt with losing loved ones, relationships, pets, finances, illnesses? With unprecedented wars, increasing political unrest, crime, violence, and the struggle to make ends meet, what is a safe and gentle way to unfold and sustain a positive mind set? Often emotional woundedness causes over medicating with drugs and alcohol. Healing the past brings peace of mind and feelings. Healing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit by receiving answers to fundamental questions, by seeking out a credible and reputable spiritual worker who has safely demonstrated the sacred gifts of connecting people with their Ancestors, Angels, and Divine Helpers. These amazing Celestial Beings of Light gently guide spiritual growth and emotional healing supporting people to achieve greater degrees of wholeness, wellness, and purpose. Another term for such a gifted person is…A Conduit for Spirit.

Doreen South has earned and is recognized as a reputable Conduit for Spirit and is a Global Traditional Worker. She is certified by the First Nation education institute and has years of formal training. Doreen is a highly sought after spiritual practitioner who communicates with Angels, Divine Helpers, and Spirit Guides. She is a biological cell phone between the Earth World and the Divine Spirit World (Heaven).

When asked to channel Divine Beings from the Light and before beginning her work, Doreen asks the Creator for a safe and strong connection. Doreen’s work is “sacred as described in 1Corinthians Spiritual Gifts 12:1-15. Doreen says, “The Creator is my boss. I have to walk a good path.”

No matter how big the challenge, Doreen’s compassionate approach brings comfort and gives hope. She helps people to reconnect with the fullness of their Inner Light, healing the past, and rekindling authentic Truth. Your Spirit Identity is your true identity.

Doreen teaches that each person a divine spirit birthing into the human experience. As a spirit living through a human body, it is natural to have intuition, to see spirits, to hear them or sense them.

Doreen brings messages from Angels and our loved ones that have passed over to provide comfort, love, help, and healing through their messages.

In fact, for those who fear death, she affirms that we never die. Doreen explains that being on earth is not about “life and death”. It is a cycle of “birth and rebirth.” In other words, we birth into the physical and when our physical body ends, we rebirth back to the Spirit World. This includes our fur babies and animals who teach us life lessons about the beauty of unconditional love.

In the Spirit World, Doreen tells us that we can progress from one realm to another and whatever healing we were not able to do on earth we can effectively do in the Heavenly Realm.

Another valuable part of her sacred work, is guiding earthbound spirits, who have been afraid to cross over, into the Light for a safe transition.

Doreen teaches that when we receive messages of love from Higher Beings that heals trauma, giving a sense of genuine joy. This joy helps people make their best life choices thus achieving a wonderful sense of self-acceptance and purpose.

We are all Divine creatures and Doreen cares about our well-being and our planet. She encourages people to live authentically by being in touch with our healed Self and our Divine Sacredness. Is it necessary to be steeped in worry, fear, and conflict? Doreen encourages people to identify their ‘triggers’ and ‘emotional buttons’, to transform through healing into a sustainable state of healthy positivity.

Blessed with her gifts and Holy connection to Spirit, Doreen brings clarity and wellbeing messages from our Divine Helpers of the Light.

Doreen pronounces that when we shine our Light, a ripple effect is created that brings a positive change to our family, friends, and to all of humanity.

Close Up Radio will feature Doreen South in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on Thursday April 18th at 11am Eastern and with Doug Llewelyn on Friday April 19th at 12pm Eastern

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