ESB Advertising Launches New Pizza Boli’s Rap Anthem TV Commercial Highlighting Savings with Direct App Orders
ESB Advertising Launches New Pizza Boli’s Rap Anthem TV Commercial Highlighting Savings with Direct App Orders

FALLS CHURCH, Va., June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pizza Boli’s, renowned for its delicious menu and customer satisfaction, has launched a new rap anthem TV commercial. This spot raises awareness about high third-party delivery fees and promotes the cost-saving benefits of ordering directly through the Pizza Boli’s app.

The rap highlights how customers can save money and earn rewards by using the Pizza Boli’s app.

Openin’ up to the Hub and Dash
Gotta get some food so I throw the cash
But then I saw this commercial flash
Coulda’ got rewards, a big point stash

So I went and ordered through the app
For every 150 point snack
they gave me 10 dollars back
I give a little bit and they give it right back

Yeah, yeah, get your food for free
Order Online at Pizza Boli’s
Free’s better than third party
Order through the app only at Pizza Boli’s

“We’re excited to launch this TV spot, capturing the value and convenience of ordering through the Pizza Boli’s app,” said Eiman Bassam, Founder/CEO of ESB Advertising. “With rising food costs, avoiding third-party fees is crucial. Ordering directly through Pizza Boli’s app saves money and offers valuable rewards.”

Customers earn points for every purchase, with every 150 points earning a $10 reward, encouraging loyalty and offering exclusive benefits.

The new TV spot airs across multiple channels, including OTT and programmatic digital placements, supported by a robust digital marketing campaign.

For more information about the savings and rewards available through the Pizza Boli’s app, visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

About Pizza Boli’s

For over 30 years, Pizza Boli’s has delivered variety and taste to its customers. With quality ingredients and innovative menu items, Pizza Boli’s ensures fresh pizzas, secret recipe sauce, and 100% cheese. With over 70 locations, Pizza Boli’s offers more toppings, menu items, and taste. Visit for more information.

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