Fresh Blends® to Showcase Award-winning Blender Technology and Beverage Program at Over 30 Trade Shows Around the World
Fresh Blends® to Showcase Award-winning Blender Technology and Beverage Program at Over 30 Trade Shows Around the World

To Date, Fresh Blends has sold over 60 million delicious beverages and counting.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh Blends®, the world’s leading self-serving beverage platform, announced its planned attendance at more than 30 trade shows before the end of 2024. Fresh Blends® is on a mission to innovate the beverage market by bringing customers convenient, refreshing, and natural options in seconds. Powered by Multiplex®, each FreshBlender® is designed to successfully reduce long lines, staff overhead, costly product waste, and most importantly, improve the overall customer experience.

Fresh Blends® 2024 Trade Show List:

  • Intergastra (Stuttgart)
  • H.T. Hackney (Biloxi, Myrtle Beach, Indiana, Sevierville, Daytona Beach, Fort Wayne, Knoxville),
  • CSP (Nashville),
  • NACUFS (Arkansas, Tacoma, Buffalo, Louisville),
  • Internorga (Hamburg),
  • Coffee Expo (Seoul),
  • Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (London),
  • Natural Products Expo West (Anaheim),
  • A&W (Canada),
  • Farner-Bocken (Iowa),
  • Southco (North Carolina),
  • Convenience Foodservice Exchange (Tampa),
  • NRA (Chicago),
  • CPSDA (Kansas City),
  • ReFuel Forum (Alicante) School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts, Associate Healthcare Foodservice
  • AHF’s 2024 Annual Conference (San Antonio),
  • NACS (Las Vegas)
  • Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (Minneapolis, MN)
  • IAAPA-Katom (Orlando).

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase Fresh Blends all over the world this year,” said Jamie Day, Managing Partner, Fresh Blends®. “Our aggressive trade show schedule will allow us to network with industry peers and stakeholders, meet and interact with our customers to demo our new Fresh Blender® Plus, and discuss exciting product innovation with attendees. We look forward to our continued success this year by providing winning, customized beverage solutions to Fresh Blends® customers.”

Fresh Blends® recently announced new developments and features, including the Fresh Blender® Plus, Fresh Cloud improvements, Self-Pay, a new flexible financing option with PEAC Solutions, and clean energy initiatives with new iced coffee concepts and upcoming caffeinated refreshers made with real fruit.

The new Fresh Blender® Plus is the first-of-its-kind equipment. It includes a new, built-in self-cleaning system, Advanced Sanitation, which handles the daily to periodic cleaning tasks without human intervention for up to six months. With the Fresh Blender® Plus, businesses can boost savings by $900 annually by eliminating 1.8 hours of labor per week. Efficient and reliable, the Fresh Blender® Plus ensures a flawless Fresh Blends® program execution.

The brand also unveiled an enhanced version of the Fresh Cloud, the groundbreaking IoT platform powering Fresh Blenders® robust data reporting. The heartbeat of the Fresh Blender®, Fresh Cloud is designed meticulously with cutting-edge technology, giving stakeholders unparalleled insight into operations, sales, and machine status. The key features of the Fresh Cloud include real-time data, custom database design, predictive analytics, instant alerts, and a user-friendly interface.     

Fresh Blends® is revolutionizing the beverage game—less work for you and more delight for your customers. The intuitive technology behind Fresh Blends®, including the Eco Blend® technology, can produce a blended drink in under 60 seconds to ensure every sip is as fresh as it gets. Each beverage is crafted from all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Endless choices await, including strawberry, banana, mango, beets, berries, protein, organic, and dairy-free options, as well as limited-time offers like pumpkin spice and winter orange. Customers can choose from a vast range of delicious smoothies, shakes, coffee frappes, lemonades, refreshers, and cold brews, providing hundreds of combinations to suit every palate.

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About Fresh Blends®
Fresh Blends® is the world’s leading self-serving beverage platform, providing consumers with healthy, refreshing, and convenient beverages—in just seconds. Each Fresh Blender® is designed to eliminate waste wait times and deliver a flawless experience with every order. This experience earned the Fresh Blender® a 2018 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association. With more than 3,000 Fresh Blenders® in locations across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, Fresh Blends® offers delicious beverages frozen or on the rocks with all-natural products and no artificial colors, sweeteners, HFCs, or preservatives.

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