Hugues SANON met with Mayors Kimberly Ecklund and Randy Holcomb to discuss ideas to empower Jamestown and Lakewood NY

Ambassador Sanon along with Mayor Kim Ecklund and Mayor Randall Holcomb as he honored them with the key to success

Ambassador Sanon along with Mayors Kimberly Ecklund and Randall Holcomb met to discuss strategic ideas as Mr. Sanon honored them with symbolic key to success

Providing a healthy economy, opportunity and sustainability to residents must be the primary responsibility of a great Mayor”

— Hugues Sanon

JAMESTOWN, NY , NEW YORK , USA, January 5, 2024 / — Ambassador Hugues Sanon, who is the Special Envoy for International Relations to the United Nations and Americas Coordinator for the Council for Justice, Equality, and Peace, presented both mayors with a symbolic “Key to Success” during a VIP breakfast at his residence on the north side of JAMESTOWN, NY primarily to discuss strategic ideas for the improvement of Jamestown, Lakewood, and the Chautauqua County as a whole.

The key reads: “The Key to Success presented to Mayor Kim Ecklund as a symbolic gesture to encourage and empower you and your staff in efforts to face and resolve different challenges you may encounter in your new position as Mayor of the City of Jamestown”.

Sanon praised Mayor Kim Ecklund for her dedication and leadership, expressing confidence in her ability to strengthen Jamestown’s image. He urged support for her endeavors, emphasizing her commitment to addressing the needs of constituents based on her previous service.

Ambassador Sanon also congratulated Mayor Randy Holcomb and said, “I am more than confident that he loves Lakewood and will take his role as Mayor very seriously. “I also believe that he will continue to do what he believes is right for Lakewood, based on the service he provided in his previous position as mayor, which is so remarkable and so inspiring to me personally.

Ambassador Sanon also presented to Mayor Holcomb the Key to success; for his continued position as Mayor of the Village of Lakewood.

For his part, Mayor Holcomb thanked Ambassador Hugues Sanon for his generous contributions, including the VIP breakfast, strategic ideas for Chautauqua County, and the symbolic keys. He also acknowledged the award’s significance on behalf of COJEP International, fostering collaboration and empowerment in the region.

“As Mayor of the great Village of Lakewood, I sincerely thank Ambassador Hugues Sanon for this prestigious award and for building bridges amongst elected officials from different political views, differing municipalities, and community leaders”.

“It is truly an honor to be the recipient of such an influential award from him on Behalf of COJEP International. It furthers the willingness to collaborate and empower the Village of Lakewood, the City of Jamestown, and Chautauqua County as a whole”.

Rev. Mark Hinman invited Mayor Ecklund and Holcomb to the Chautauqua County Pastors Association’s weekly meeting, where over 50 pastors could offer prayers and support. All participants congratulated Mayors Ecklund and Holcomb, expressing their commitment to supporting their success.

Ambassador Sanon’s commitment to global peace, awareness, sustainability, and building bridges among leaders was highlighted. D Sanon stressed the need for cooperation across society to enhance peace, justice, and sustainable development worldwide.

Sanon’s proposed actions for Jamestown’s growth included the establishment of an Association of Chautauqua County Mayors, a Director of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and a Community Liaison. Other proposals involved collaborating with religious leaders through the Jamestown Police Department, partnering with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World for drug prevention education, and appointing a Commissioner for Cultural Diversity and Inclusion.

To promote recovery and support victims of substance abuse and violence, Ambassador Sanon proposed creating a recovery center and women’s shelter plus restoring abandoned properties for community benefit. With these proposals, Sanon aims to contribute to a more prosperous and inclusive Jamestown, emphasizing collaboration and strategic initiatives.

Notable attendees at the event included Foundation for a Drug-Free World President Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, Chautauqua County Legislator Lisa Vanstrom, Blue Star Mothers NY4 Vice President Kathy Collver, Vietnam Veteran Stan Collver, Pastor Mark Hinman, Steve Kilburn, Grant Director for the HRSA Rural Community, Jon Meyer, Mark Dean, Jon Elder, and Emmanuella Sanon, wife of Ambassador Sanon and COJEP representative to the United Nations.

Dr. Sanon has presented the Medal of Honor to a number of international and national dignitaries as well as several local leaders including, Senator George Borrello, the City of Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas, Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel, County Sheriff James Quattrone, Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist and Rev. Mark Hinman of Hillcrest Baptist Church and 7 police chiefs of Chautauqua County.

COJEP International, headquartered in Strasbourg, France, promotes humanitarian values and works for peace, justice, freedom, democracy, and sustainable development. The organization has consultative status with various international bodies, including the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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” Key to Success presented to Mayor Ecklund as a symbolic gesture to encourage you in your efforts to face and resolve different challenges you may face

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