Lark Hotels Renews Partnership with Wizehire, Citing Superior Support and Seamless Integrations
Lark Hotels Renews Partnership with Wizehire, Citing Superior Support and Seamless Integrations

Wizehire Continues to Empower the Hospitality Industry with Cutting-Edge HR Solutions.

HOUSTON, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wizehire, a leading HR technology provider specializing in the recruitment and hiring needs of growing businesses, proudly announces the renewal of its partnership with Lark Hotels, a premier hotel management company renowned for its exceptional service and guest experiences in the boutique and luxury space. This renewal underscores Wizehire’s robust capabilities in supporting the hospitality industry through innovative hiring solutions and outstanding customer service.

Since partnering with Wizehire, Lark Hotels has seen significant improvements in its hiring process. This partnership renewal is a testament to the strong relationship between the two companies, built on trust, responsiveness, and a shared commitment to excellence.

“Wizehire has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to streamline our hiring process and ensure we attract the best talent in the industry,” said Brett Phillabaum, HR Manager at Lark Hotels. “Their platform’s seamless integration with our existing systems, including UKG, has significantly improved our efficiency and the quality of our new hire experience. The responsiveness and support we receive from Wizehire have been outstanding, making them the company we trust with the most important step in our employee journey – our first impression.”

Wizehire’s intuitive and user-friendly platform has empowered Lark Hotels to manage their recruitment process more effectively, from posting job listings to evaluating candidates and making informed hiring decisions. By integrating Wizehire with their existing HRIS platform, Lark has streamlined and automated data entry for onboarding new employees, saving 30 minutes per hire for each of their 300 new hires, unlocking dozens of additional days of productivity. The integration capabilities of Wizehire’s platform have ensured a smooth workflow, reduced administrative burden, and allowed the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

“We are incredibly proud to extend our partnership with Lark Hotels,” said Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire. “This renewal highlights the potential we can help unlock through deep collaboration and emphasizes our dedication to providing the best hiring solutions that meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Our whole team is eager to continue to support Lark as they grow and set a standard for excellence in hospitality.”

The renewed partnership between Wizehire and Lark Hotels marks a significant milestone in Wizehire’s mission to transform the hiring process for businesses in the hospitality sector. Wizehire recently introduced candidate texting and additional integrations to offer even better support and solutions to their customers. 

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