Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Nourishes Thai Kids with 160K Healthy School Meals, Enriching Young Minds and Bodies

SOS Healthy School Meal Program

SOS team prepares lunch for small kids

Healthy School lunch time

SOS Foundation’s Healthy School Meal Program thrives, nourishing 732 children in 10 centers with 167,379 nutritious meals in 2023, thanks to 43 dedicated donors

BANGKOK, THAILAND, March 8, 2024 / — Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) Foundation is pleased to announce the resounding success of its revolutionary Healthy School Meal Program (HSMP). This initiative, dedicated to addressing nutritional challenges faced by children aged 2-7 years in Children Development Centers across Thailand, has achieved remarkable milestones.

Guided by the principle that everyone, regardless of gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or social status, deserves access to clean food and a healthy diet, SOS initiated the program in July 2022 with six Children’s Development Centers in Bangkok. The pioneering launch featured a curated selection of highly nutritious ingredients, including UHT milk, brown rice, pork, brown pasta, vegetables, eggs, and superfoods, fostering a love for healthy and diverse foods among preschoolers.

Building on this success, HSMP expanded its reach in April 2023 to include an additional center in Bangkok. In June of the same year, SOS introduced a breakfast program in three Bangkok preschools and one school in Rayong, supported by the big donor, Kellogg’s Global. Further expansion also took place in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan with HSMP reaching two schools, supported by the generous contribution of the SK Foundation. In total, SOS has been supporting 8 preschools and two schools in 2023.

SOS, in collaboration with the Global Foodbanking Network (GFN) and Kellogg’s, is unwaveringly focused on alleviating food insecurity in young children, with a primary goal of supplying nutritious breakfasts. Many of these children, hailing from low-income backgrounds, often skip breakfast. In addressing this issue, Kellogg’s Feeding School program ensures the provision of highly nutritious local meals with fruits for two days and cornflakes with milk for three days. This combination is essential for 2-7-year-olds to maintain a healthy diet and promote optimal growth. The foundation extends heartfelt gratitude to Kellogg’s Global for their invaluable partnership and unwavering commitment to promoting nutritious breakfasts for these children.

Additionally, sincere thanks are expressed to the SK Foundation for providing funding to support this program in Bangkok and Hua Hin for three quarters in 2023. The primary objective is to supply lunch ingredients to these young recipients and educate teachers and parents about healthy food nutrition and good dining habits. In many cases, children from low-income families lack the ability to access nutritious food, as their hardworking parents struggle to find time for cooking and often resort to ready-to-eat meals or snacks that fall short of providing adequate nutrition for their children.

The primary objectives of the Healthy School Meal Program extend beyond providing sustenance. SOS aims to promote food security, and nutrient diversity, and instill healthy eating habits among small children in Children Development Centers. Research conducted by SOS identified inadequate food consumption as a prevalent issue among children in these communities, primarily due to financial constraints among parents. Recognizing the pivotal role of center-provided meals on weekdays, HSMP becomes a crucial factor in shaping the overall diet of these children.

In 2023, the Healthy School Meal Program made a significant impact, serving 732 preschoolers across 10 centers. A total of 167,379 meals, comprising high-nutrient healthy breakfasts and lunches, were provided. This impressive achievement was made possible through the support of 43 dedicated donors actively participating in the program.

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to transforming the lives of children through initiatives like the Healthy School Meal Program, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for the younger generation in Thailand.

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