The Most 420-Friendly Cities – Upgraded Points Study Highlights Top U.S. Destinations for Cannabis Enthusiasts
The Most 420-Friendly Cities – Upgraded Points Study Highlights Top U.S. Destinations for Cannabis Enthusiasts

A Guide to the Most Welcoming and Least Expensive U.S. Cities To Celebrate 420

AUSTIN, Texas, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Upgraded Points recently offered another compelling data study, this time revealing the evolving landscape of U.S. cannabis tourism. Highlighting destinations where travelers can freely enjoy cannabis-friendly accommodations, the analysis pinpoints the top cities in states where recreational marijuana use is legal. Ultimately revealing the most welcoming locales and the best value for weed tourism, the study is a crucial guide to helping travelers blend wanderlust with weed-friendly experiences.

“Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of legislative change on this issue, so we are happy to assist travelers in finding cities that offer cannabis-friendly tourism,” said Keri Stooksbury, editor-in-chief at Upgraded Points. “Accommodating destinations reflect a broader shift towards more cannabis culture within the travel industry.”

Study Methodology

The study selected 50 of the most populous American cities in states where recreational marijuana use is already legal, according to updated data from DISA. It then counted the total number of weed-friendly accommodations using listings from Bud and Breakfast, a marijuana-specific vacation rental site, and Airbnb, applying filters for “smoking allowed” and “entire home.”

To ensure fairness in comparison, the number of listings was normalized to the census population size of each city, calculating the weed-friendly stays per 100,000 residents. The study also computed the average nightly rates across these listings to identify cities with the most and least expensive 420-friendly accommodations.

Some Top 10 Cities for 420-Friendly Rentals:

  • Boulder Leads the High Life: Leading with 104.3 420-friendly rentals per 100K, Boulder showcases Colorado’s pivotal role in combining legalization and cannabis-friendly accommodations.
  • Burlington’s Blossoming Buds: With 87.5 420-friendly rentals per 100K, Vermont’s early adoption of cannabis policies and a thriving arts and dispensary scene combine for a great stay.
  • Las Vegas Lights Up: At 57.3 420-friendly rentals per 100K, Las Vegas has a vibrant entertainment district, gambling, and relaxed cannabis regulations for smoky fun in Sin City.
  • Scottsdale’s Luxe Leaf: With 46.5 420-friendly rentals per 100K, this city in Arizona combines pure luxury with cannabis-friendly options.
  • Maine’s Coastal Calm: Portland offers 43.8 420-friendly rentals per 100K, indicating Maine’s acceptance and integration of cannabis culture as part of everyday life.

Spotlight on 3 States:

  1. Vermont Vibes: Vermont is a progressive artsy enclave that adopted legalization early, now boasting 87+ 420-friendly rentals per 100K and a thriving cannabis culture that includes plenty of licensed dispensaries.
  2. Colorado’s High Frontier: Cities like Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs underscore the state’s leading role in cannabis legalization, including full integration into the hospitality industry.
  3. Michigan’s Green Wave: While Detroit and Ann Arbor landed spots in the top 10, Michigan’s progressive approach to marijuana has been reflected since its 2018 legalization.

Affordable Oasis: Least Costly Cities for Cannabis-Friendly Stays

  • Columbus’s Cannabis Culture: With lodgings averaging $128 a night, this city combines riverside views and unique architecture in its cannabis tourism.
  • Spokane’s Best Bud Spaces: Averaging $142, Spokane offers an exclusive blend of relaxation and lush landscapes for the cannabis enthusiast.
  • Portland’s Preferred Prices: At $150, Portland provides a retreat for those seeking affordable cannabis experiences, with a commitment to inclusivity and sustainability.
  • St.Louis Venues: With nightly rate averages of $154, St. Louis mixes musical nightlife with the chill of cannabis for a unique getaway.
  • Colorado Springs Stays: Averaging $171, Colorado Springs offers a mellow mélange of mountainside beauty.

Check out a detailed ranking of all 50 cities, including the most affordable 420-friendly rentals, and other 420-friendly facts by visiting the full study online.

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