UNLIMEAT Pulled Pork Wrap Now Available at All Starbucks Stores in HK

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  • Starting April 16th, Starbucks launched UNLIMEAT pulled pork wrap as its newest plant-based option. 
  • UNLIMEAT’s Starbucks collaboration is the most recent in a series of collaborations between UNLIMEAT and global companies in Hong Kong like Seven Eleven, and Ikea.

HONG KONG, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — UNLIMEAT announced on the 16th the launch of its Pulled Pork Wrap at Starbucks stores throughout Hong Kong. The UNLIMEAT Pulled Pork Wrap is a fully plant-based product containing UNLIMEAT’s pulled pork, along with refreshing carrot, vibrant red cabbage, and crisp lettuce, all wrapped together for a satisfying and guilt-free meal.

Since first entering Hong Kong in 2020, UNLIMEAT has expanded its presence by partnering with world class Chinese restaurants such as Mott 32, Crystal Jade, and Trust Congee King, providing these restaurants with plant-based options for menu items. In 2022, to commemorate Earth Day, IKEA HK launched an alternative meat menu using UNLIMEAT products, while Seven Eleven also launched two items containing UNLIMEAT’s signature product, Korean BBQ.

Additionally, UNLIMEAT products are on the menu in mainland China at 450 Sukiya restaurants – one of the world’s top three Gyudon chains. UNLIMEAT CEO Keumchae Min remarked, “We have been dreaming of launching something at Starbucks ever since we launched our first products in Hong Kong. Our pulled pork has been our most popular product in the United States, so we’re so excited to introduce the product to Hong Kong people through Starbucks. It is especially meaningful for us that we were able to launch a menu item that contained the name of our product.”

Starbucks has been introducing plant-based menu items as part of the “value consumption” trend, which is gradually growing and emphasizes the importance of both the global environment and animal welfare.


UNLIMEAT crafts nutrient-rich plant-based products utilizing various by-products that are typically discarded in the food production process. This includes rice bran and defatted soybean powder, reducing waste, and repurposing ‘ugly agricultural products.’ The company originated from the idea of reducing waste by repurposing ‘ugly agricultural products’ that are often discarded due to characteristics like a small size, scratches, or uneven color. They operate the largest plant-based meat exclusive factory in Asia and are currently launching a variety of K-vegan products, adding an authentic Korean twist to the plant-based marketplace with products like frozen kimbap, jumukbap, mandu, and gluten free cake.


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