Von Baer Announces New Cuoio Superiore Leather Standard

Venezia, Italy, Nov. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Von Baer, a leading luxury leather bags and accessories company, is proud to announce its use of the new Cuoio Superiore Leather Standard, a superior-grade, vegetable-tanned leather selected with the utmost care and ensures a product that matures beautifully over time.

Dedicated to maintaining its approach as both a luxury and sustainable company, Von Baer’s choice of utilizing Cuoio Superiore Leather Standard for its premium leather bags, briefcases, wallets, laptop bags, handbags, purses, and travel bags is due to the renowned organization’s placement of importance on sustainability and quality, with every aspect of the item reflecting its prestigious origin and superior craftsmanship.

“We believe that outstanding products cannot be crafted from mediocre materials,” said Albert Varkki from Von Baer. “And yet, so many pieces on the market, despite their high retail price, are mass-produced from poor quality materials in questionable conditions that not only affect local communities but also the planet.”

Cuoio Superiore full-grain leather embodies a legacy of excellence in Italian craftsmanship and aims to foster trust and transparency within the leather industry through partnering with companies, such as Von Baer, to create high-quality, bespoke leather items that, with proper care and maintenance, can last many years to a lifetime.

Full-grain leather is the finest form of leather and includes the top of the hide, which, since it is the part exposed to the outside world, is the toughest part. This leather, therefore, keeps its grain and fibers but takes a skilled hand to craft it well, and the final product retains unique characteristics and imperfections – which is part of its appeal.

Von Baer’s commitment to using this superior grade of leather in its range of products is because it offers several distinct benefits to customers, including:

  • It is incredibly strong and durable because it comes from the uppermost layer of the animal hide, providing customers with strong and long-lasting items that can efficiently withstand prolonged wear and tear.
  • It is more breathable than “top grain,” “split grain,” or “corrected” leather types.
  • Each item is unique because each skin’s grain, flaws, and patina are unique. (Only the best leather types gain a patina.) Also, the leather will mature and look better as it ages.
  • It is difficult to work with, so only the most skilled of artisans tend to use it, ensuring that an expert has created a customer’s item and it has not been mass-produced in a factory.
  • The high-quality leather will last many times longer than cheaper variations, which means that customers would eventually have to spend more money to replace it again and again.

Von Baer’s commitment to utilizing only Italian leather and trusted artisans to carefully manufacture its array of leather products not only continues the quality and luxurious tradition associated with the material but additionally ensures that customers have access to leather bags and accessories that have been made to the highest quality possible within the industry.

About Von Baer

Founded in 2015, Von Baer is a renowned luxury leather products company that offers a premium range of customizable products, including briefcases, travel bags, wallets, belts, and laptop bags. Serving over 68 countries around the world, Von Baer’s bespoke, high-quality, and sustainable approach to the creation of its sophisticated range of products has cemented the company’s placement as one of the leading brands in the premium leather goods sphere.

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To learn more about Von Baer and its new Cuoio Superiore Leather Standard, please visit the website at https://vonbaer.com/.

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